Traditional dining


Schallerhof restaurant

REALLY TRADITIONAL - our Alpengasthof Schallerhof

Once a week the "cutlery-free evening" is held in the Alpengasthof Schallerhof.


This evening is reminiscent of a long lost time and now stands for atmosphere, fund and indulgence. A specially made menu and menu suggestion especially for this evening makes it easer for you to eat with your fingers.


Traditional - cosy - Tyrol:

With these three words the hunter's lodge of the Schallerhof can be described. Because for more than 100 years, guests have been treated to traditional Tyrol dishes at our inn and restaurant.


A special kind of experience!

Schallerhof fondue

A-la-carte restaurant

As the Schallerhof can also be easily reached on foot along the Ruetz river (approx. 3 km), it is also suitable for a short walk.


There you not only can eat without cutlery but also order a fondue or a traditional dish.


With the Schaller schnapps at the latest, the guests are caught up by tradition and handed-down recipes. So far, nobody has managed to worm the secret out of the innkeeper.


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