Vitality parlour


Wellness relaxation room

Our vital source in the Alpenhotel Tirolerhof

The spa area in the Tirolerhof is truly a source of vitality.

On two floors and approx. 250 m² our guests are able to use numerous saunas, steam baths and Kneipp applications.


You are able to relax in the hot whirlpool, the aroma crystal steam bath, the Tyrolean sauna, the organic herbs sauna, the "Luis Trenker" infrared cabine or the sole laconium. The special showers, the ice fountain or the Kneipp facility invites you to cool down.


If that is not enough, you can also book a massage and finish your day relaxing. You can fulfill your desire for a nice and even tan by using our sun bed.


Our spa area is open every day from 3:00 pm until 7:00 pm. In case of bad weather, earlier opening times are possible on request.


Children are welcome in our wellness area only when accompanied by their parents and in compliance with the bathing rules. These can be read in the folder in your room and in our spa area.

Organic herbs sauna

Organic herbs sauna


Temperature: 60°C
Room climate: Humidity 45%
Duration of visit: 20 Minutes
Effect: Improvement of body's immune system and stimulation of the circulation

Aroma crystal steam bath

Aroma crystal steam bath


Temperature: 42-45°C
Room climate: Herbs and blossom fragrance
Duration of visit: 15-20 min
Effect: Increased well-being stimulates the metabolism and serves to detox




Temperature: 55-60°C
Room climate: 20% iodinated brine solution
Duration of visit: 20 min
Effect: Improvement of the immune system, positive influence of the brine on the respiratory tracts and the skin

Ice fountain

Ice fountain


Temperature: Frozen approx. -5°C
Application: After visiting the sauna to cool down.
Effect: Increase of defences, positive influence on circulation

Tyrolean sauna

Tyrolean sauna


Temperature: 80-90°C
Room climate: Dry (infusion)
Duration of visit: 15-20 min
Effect: Stimulates the circulation and boosts the development of the body's own defences




Temperature: Approx. 35 °C
Approx. 20 min.
Perfect to relax tired muscles, your body to do something good and reduce stress! The token is available including special essential oils at the reception.


Sun bed


Duration: Approx. 11 Min.
Effect: The desire for a beautiful, smooth tan you can fulfill through the use of our solarium.
The token is also available at the front desk.

Kneipp stream



Cold water: Approx. 18 °C
Warm water: Approx. 36-38 °C
Duration of visit: 15-20 min
Effect: Stimulates the circulation and boosts the blood flow, stimulates the metabolism and serves to detox.

Luis Trenker infrared cabine

"Luis Trenker" infrared cabin


Temperature: From 35 °C
Indoor Climate: Dry
Duration: 20-30 min.
Effect: The beneficial low temperature infrared technology guarantees healthy low heat without stressing the cardiovascular system.

Hot whirlpool

Hot whirlpool


Temperature: Approx 34-38 °C
Bubble interval: Every 10 minutes
Duration: Depending on the well-being
Effect: Allows you to rest and relax

Wellness sketch ground floor


with connection to the hotel terrace and garden...


The sketches provides you a better insight into our two-storey spa area.


1. Entrance
2. Sanitary facilities
3. Lounger room with panorama view
4. Massage room
5. Beautypool
6. Sun bed
7. Vitamin bar
8. Lounger and garden
9. Sun terrace
10. Summer outdoor pool
11. Hairdresser "Haarbar"

Wellness sketch basement

Lower groundfloor

Hot whirlpool 12.
Kneipp 13.
Sitting corner 14.
Crystal aroma steam bath 15.
Experience showers 16.
Ice fountain 17.
Tyrolean sauna 18.
Organic herbs sauna 19.
Sole Laconium 20.
Curved showers with Kneipp waterhose 21.
"Luis Trenker" infrared cabine 22.